Poésie et Tournesols, Acrylic on canvas, Ivan Arlaud, 2023, all rights reserved.

arbor is a techno-democratic publishing collective, which began as a group of print-makers and writers in edinburgh in 2019. Its goal is to foster, preserve, and promote the digital and physical commons through proactive publications.

We do this by protecting the integrity of whatever we publish as an actual product. We believe in non-capitalist markets, where emphasis is placed on the social, physical, and digital quality of whatever is created—as opposed to its value as a commodity.

In our collective, each member receives one share, entitling them to any income our collective generates, and one vote, entitling them to participate in any decision-making.

Our website functions as a digital commons in which we offer access to what we produce, inviting the social network, physical and digital, of those whom we publish to join us in creating a new form of post-capitalist value.

our commons section includes recent texts by members and non-members.

past issues are located in the archive.

contact us at arborthecommons@gmail.com

love, arbor


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